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Shaun Allen, LCSW

Children’s Day Treatment services are designed for children and youth ages 5-11 with a mental health diagnosis, and whose symptoms/behaviors result in impairment in school, home and/or community settings, or who exhibit the repeated presence of psychotic symptoms, suicidality, and violence towards others.

The program also serves children that have a psychiatric history which indicates a recurring functional impairment.

Services are provided Monday through Friday, at least 4.5 hours daily, and include:

Individual, group, collateral, family therapy
Psychological testing
Multi-disciplinary case conferences
Crisis intervention
Medication support
School intervention
Sand-play therapy, Expressive therapy, Recreation therapy, Milieu Therapy
Intra-agency and inter-agency collaboration
Social skills enhancement, social skills building
Community outreach
Meals and snacks
24/7 crisis availability
Individual Educational Plan designed for each child
Parent support group

The goal of the program is to provide intensive services to ensure that each child is assisted in reaching his/her individual goals and personal milestones.


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